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Industry should use a general comparison of the packaging machine is food, medicine and other packaging line, food packaging is pillow packaging machine packaging into the daily existence of the use of the flood of daily supplies and. And the popularity of the people's existence level with the rapid development of my state economy, the sophisticated developed opportunity to packaging machine industry, more and more broad scope of use also, the bad results also put forward a higher request for the character and life of the packaging machine. The structure of the old-fashioned pillow packing machine using the differential gear box is critical, and the benefits of operation consolidation are; Large noise is easy to damage mechanical properties, and packaging accuracy is difficult to be adjusted. Skills, sensor skills developed with microelectronics skills, preparation machine, technology increasingly mature PLC technology, more and more widely used. LC behavior control system central packaging machine host system using P, high packaging rate can make, practical positioning, solid, consolidate the system more, the developed requirements of packaging fit, satisfaction is now. The performance of molding, positioning, packing and sealing Figure 1 Front view of the packing machine The system constitutes the pillow bag. The sealing and cutting system of the machine consists of the transverse sealing knife (upper and lower) and the longitudinal sealing knife (left and right). It is important to ask the following individual systems: 1. Sealing and cutting system pillow packaging, horizontal and vertical packaging of its utility is on the package. 2. Heating system requirements, temperature control and hold, and control the temperature of the sealing cutter is collected outside Delta temperature. 3. Frequency conversion speed regulating system frequency converter. The packing rate of the installed machine determines the package. 4. Longitudinal sealing feeding system Longitudinal sealing feeding system, the request of reaching sealing and cutting effectively (cross cutting to the color code position of the packaging film) according to the bag length of the packaging film and other technical objectives reach the accurate and accurate film feeding. Phase 220V/50Hz power supply 5 electrical control system power supply using a single, frequency, servo system, man-machine interface and other components of the host electrical system by PLC, change. Place a close to the opening and closing and on the transverse sealing tool shaft, and the position of the transverse cutting point is; Install a photoelectric opening and closing on the film feeding shaft, the cursor through the outdated effect is dark on the packaging film; Install a 360-line encoder in the longitudinal sealing feeding system of the main shaft, PLC high-speed counting reached) on the bag length to hold the meter (through. Face configuration bag length (the partition between the two cursors of the packaging film) electrical control system through the man-machine interface corresponding demarcation, dynamic system bag length active measurement to achieve the bag length setting can also be through the open. When measuring the momentum button, press the bag length, start the servo system at a fixed rate for fixation, and the system feeds to drive the longitudinal sealing. The duration of the first cursor is measured when the photoelectric switch on and off detects the packaging film, and when the cursor arrives the pause is measured when the run goes to the next one, the degree is displayed on the man-machine interface and the length is prepared to come out. When the storage button is pressed, the length is sent into the PLC, and the length of the packaging film is sealed and cut. Frequency of 夂 Yuan frequency F and output frequency H system used PLC communication methods to collect, to avoid collection of simple delay the time of the output frequency by calculating the uniform values of the two frequency (according to this, the current inverter frequency behavior. Ensure that the current running rate V through the preparation of the motor, the rotation rate of the front transverse cutting tool R (RPM) in accordance with the transmission ratio of the mechanical structure can be prepared when, slow according to the behavior of the film. The system adopts the control of Delta PLC control system planning system, etc., to achieve the feeding and practical packaging of the packaging machine and integrate Delta man-machine interface, servo, frequency converter, as shown in Figure 2. Box interior display in this figure 2 electrical control, individual system of the central PLC is integrated, raw material management signals, the overall system of the character of its instinct to determine. Delta (200K) and two-way high-speed pulse output (200K bandwidth) are selected for DVP-20EH system. This model has three-way AB phase high-speed counting (this two-way single-phase bandwidth, energy and thick peripheral instruction set with robust floating-point arithmetic power. Input and temperance 夂 Yuan a man-machine interface for the parameters. The P-A57GSTD system uses DO, a display, high-speed hardware construction with 16 grilles, line/offline simulation to achieve active, operational input interface discovery to give users a really good use. Position of the reaction signal encoder used for supply, Delta 750W servo controller), PLC composed of a closed head system and frequency converter (choose Delta AFD-015S23), servo system (choose. The cutting knife and the longitudinal sealing feeding point) the transverse cutting knife just cut the cursor position of the packaging film to achieve 1. The active crosscutting position aims by clicking (dispersing the horizontal, learning the form of the starting button and then pressing the teach, a fixed rate to start the servo system to stabilize, the system feed drive the longitudinal seal. C at the end of the meter length and PL, marking the position of the period when running to the light, the film stop servo to the human-machine interface page and send the meter length data. When the position is stored when the phase is pressed, the relative position is held to pack the PLC to the present. 2. Manual crosscutting position, surface input relative position can be directly in the man-machine world; Shift and right shift value input buttons directly adjust the position of the cutter during operation can be passed through the left side of the running screen. Seal cut to 3. While the equipment is running track work, every week crosscutting the knife, PLC external open and close through a tangent point near the end of the decoder count hinduists collection, the relative position of the storage memory, in contrast with the PL C held intrusive and positive and negative according to the difference of the emitted 夂 Yuan pulse frequency to prepare for the PLC. Achieve start, stop, feeding point, cutting tool point, machine point performance of the transverse sealing tool mechanism 4. Other performance can be through the panel or man-machine interface, during the line is in transit, speed, record processing number can detect the current operation, now zero and can be realized.
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